From 2011 I am using Finder. I can monitor my car’s location and operate my engine on/off whenever I want. Finder over speed alert warns me when my car runs with excess speed, by this the possibility of accidents get reduced I think
Khandakar Najir Ahmed
Multinational Oil And Gas Company
All of my five cars are under Finder GPS tracking service. I feel secure as I am able to see the current location and know the present condition of my car.
Mir Omar Farhad
Taz Corporation Ltd.
'We are using Finder Vehicle Tracking Service at almost all the vehicles of our organization. Their 24/7 customer care helps us instantly whenever we face any problem. After-sales support is another thing I must mention here, as our vehicles run throughout the country, we required instant technician supports anywhere in Bangladesh. And Finder support team meets the demand with full satisfaction. Thanks, Finder for giving us proper service',
Abdur Razzak
Anwar Group of Industries
I get an instant notification through Finder geofence when my truck reaches the destination with goods. By this, I can ensure that goods have been delivered to the customer and the truck is ready to take the next trip. Now I can complete more trips than before
Masud Rana
The New Royal Transport
For preventing the snitch of CNG auto-rickshaws I installed Finder device about four years ago. Alhamdulillah till now we have rescued around 86 stolen CNG auto-rickshaws using Finder
Alomgir Hossain
CNG Owner
After parking my bike, I do enable the parking Geofence and concentrate on my class with tension free. Because I have faith that if anyone wants to dislocate my bike, I will get an alert. Besides, their device price and service charge are in a limit so despite being a student I am a user of their service and ability to keep my bike safe.
Jubayer Hossain

Here some statistics that might help you to take decision


Employees are dedicated to working for you


Dealers point around the country


Approved vehicle tracking service

Finder GPS tracking makes your fleet and drivers safer, cheaper & more efficient to operate

Finder GPS tracking makes managing your fleet and drivers safer, cheaper & more efficient to operate

Save hours managing your assets

Our tools make it simple to collaborate, secure, monitor, and backup your droplets.
Feature item

Real Time Tracking

Monitor the current location of your asset.

Feature item


Be aware when your car enters or exits a specific area.

Feature item


Be aware whether your car’s engine is on or off.

Feature item


Ask for help just by pressing a button when you are in danger.

Feature item


This effective alert will let you know when somebody tries to remove the device.

Feature item


Track the current speed of your car.

Feature item


Track the location of your car without an Internet connection. We think for everybody.

Stealing vehicle now is harder

This has an impact on your profit if you cannot recover the vehicle after it is stolen. GPS tracking drastically reduces the possibility of stealing vehicles and increases the probability of recovery. Several alerts are provided from us to save your vehicle.
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Get alerts after reaching a destination

Maintaining delivery time one after another is a hard task. By using Geofence alongside with live tracking, you will be able to engage your driver for another delivery after completing one. Finder GPS Vehicle Tracking System helps you to track your vehicles.
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Increase productivity

You can choose the shortest possible route from the map to make your journey. It will reduce fuel consumption and you can deliver your products quickly.
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Report with Details

Our Fleet Management Service provides accurate reports with the distance covered, speed, fuel usage, engine status with exact date and time. You can detect your employee efficiency, reduce idle time and prevent fuel abuse of your company.
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We make your business easy

You need to monitor everything in your own way to make your business profitable. Finder can help you to make customize the report. We also provide API service to connect with users ERP systems.
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App with intelligent features

Where the vehicle was!

You can monitor all the vehicles of your fleet from a single dashboard. Finder GPS tracker will show you the previous location with exact date, time and speed. We provide One-year data backup.

Geo-fence is car attendance

You can draw and save any shaped polygon geofences and assign one or many vehicles to it. As soon as the vehicles enter or exit, notification will be sent. There is another instantly generated geofence named Parking Geofence.

How much Fuel left?

Finder app will show you current status of your Fuel Tank in Liters. *Conditions applied

Vehicles to Humans, Finder tracks Everything!

We provide GPS tracking service to Cars, Motorbikes, CNGs, Buses, Trucks even in Ships. We also provide human tracking service by using a portable device.
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Our tools make it simple to collaborate, secure, monitor and backup your Droplets.

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