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BRAC University Buses
SL Actual Vehicle Plate Shared As Login Code
1 DM-SA-11-0617 (New Market Route) 0617 (New Market Route) BS0617
2 DM-SA-11-0618 (Jatrabari Route) 0618 (Jatrabari Route) BS0618
3 DM-SA-11-0619 (Kallyanpur Route) 0619 (Kallyanpur Route) BS0619
4 DM-SA-11-0620 (Abdullahpur Route) 0620 (Abdullahpur Route) BS0620
5 DM-SA-11-0621 (Jigatola Route) 0621 (Jigatola Route) BS0621
6 DM-SA-11-0646 (Baldha Garden Route) 0646 (Baldha Garden Route) BS0646

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