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The Best Features at the Lowest Price

Whether you own a single vehicle or are a fleet owner, Finder is determined to protect and monitor your asset from theft or harm.

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Want to keep an eye on your vehicles? Get access to real-time GPS tracking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with our smart vehicle tracking system.
Our tracking device can help you with:

24/7 vehicle tracking from your desktop or mobile device (Android & iOS)

Speed monitoring–you will get an alert as soon as your driver exceeds the set speed limit

Start and end time with total distance covered

The engine on/off status

Get Notification Alerts

Our advanced vehicle-tracking system gives you all the ‌alerts about your vehicle and driver via SMS, email, and in-app notification.
You get an immediate alert on:

Know the speed range at which your car is moving with our Speed violation alert

Idling, heavy braking, and hard turns alert

Know about unwanted use of your vehicle with unauthorized use alert

If the tracking device is cut off from the vehicle, you will get a device power cut alert

Stay in the loop with vehicle ignition alert when the car's engine starts or stops

Be aware when your car enters or exits your selected area. Get notified with a geofence alert

Voice Monitoring & Two-Way Communication

Monitor sound or voices around the device secretly without a voice-enabled device specially crafted for people who seek extra security. You can also talk to the driver or monitor what the driver says in the car with this device.

Fuel Monitoring

Monitor your vehicle’s fuel consumption with an extra fuel sensor. calculate fuel consumed by a vehicle for every kilometer. As a fleet owner, you can analyze the weekly or monthly consumption of fuel per kilometer for every vehicle and identify which vehicles are not fuel-efficient.

Safety of Drivers & Vehicles

The security of drivers and vehicles is our top priority. Using our Finder GPS tracking system, you can keep plenty of potential risks at bay.
You can:

Monitor nasty driving habits, and keep watch over heavy braking, fast acceleration, and hard cornering

View the route history, View the route history of your vehicle, and know where it was the whole time

Get an update every 10 seconds about the vehicle location

Emergency Features

In the case of an emergency or risky situation, our emergency features can immediately send an alert to the nearest police station and to your pre-defined emergency contacts within a second.
You can:

Ask for help just by pressing the SOS button on our device when you are in danger

You can track the location of your vehicle without an Internet connection


Finder gives you comprehensive reporting on mileage and your vehicle’s overall activity.
It allows you to:

Check your vehicle’s movement over the last 365 days (depending on the package)

Get an extensive mileage report

Get multiple reports detailing every small activity of your vehicle’s speed, location, start-end time, total aerial distance, previous route map, monthly distance report, detailed summary report etc.