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GPS Tracker using a VTS Device or an App on the Mobile Device

Vehicle Tracking Device or a GPS App on your Android Phone, whichever you think of, we have both. The specialty of a VTS Device dedicated for your Car is that its dedicated to tracking, and a higher price for more options. On the other hand, an Android App gives you more options at the same fixed cost that you had already made. It gives you not just tracking but with more options, tracking, sharing, hiring, messaging and whatever we will be finding more demanding from you.

GPS Tracking is not just for safety

Tracking is not only about safety anymore. Its about your urge to know about the location of your important things in life. The usual phone conversation in a day has at least where are you in among 2 out 4 conversations. Using FINDER will help you further with this. Think about the communication with a supplier within your company to know the whereabouts of your package, or your colleague regarding a the billing of his office trips in terms of distance and locations, that is where FINDER fits in.

GPS Tracking helps you with your billing

Using FINDER you will no longer have to linger on loads of paper and conversations over phone even on doubt regarding the conveyance bills within your office. You are free of that using FINDER. Enjoy your time doing more fruitful and productive work as FINDER will be taking care of that.

Its about optimizing your Vehicle Pool on the Map

Its not only about safety, with rising Fuel Costs and when having the pressure to work towards a Greener Future, FINDER helps you by optimizing your location plan by seeing all your used devices on the map with current and recent location Pickup Points or To Do List whether its your vehicle or your colleague using FINDER

Locations with Messages for your devices

Did you imagine that having your messages disbursed around the map against your devices can help you increase your operational efficiency by 40%. Reducing your time to get a work done just because you know more. At FINDER, we thought of that and brought to you this simple solution for better usage.

This is not only about your Office only, its also about your Home

FINDER is not just for usage for your office, its also about your home. Because, you need more than just safety for your family and the people you care about. Which is why, FINDER is used both for small and office uses.

Thinking of Sharing your Car or giving it out for Hire

FINDER has kept an option for Sharing your Car using the FINDER App in the Device. Whenever, you want, you can put your car for Hire and the immense number of users can message your for the Hire or Share. Thats easy as you snap your fingers.


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